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Chamorhyn is now available at every major online book store.

You may also purchase Chamorhyn from Xlibris at a discount.

For Author signed paper-back copies, please send check or money orders to  E.S.Quinton
4131 Geneva Ave North #303
Oakdale MN, 55128
in the amount of $25.00, please allow 20 business days from reciept for deliver.

Here is the Original Cover for Chamorhyn... Artwork also by E.S.Quinton


Click on the What's New to find out what's new :),
Okay, I have a theory!  Out of everyone who views this website, how many will donate a US $1.00? 
This is an experiment on generosity and humanitarianism.
I will post the results of this grand experiment on my **Donation** page.  It will consist of a list of the first names only of the donating party :)
This is going to be fun :)
P.S... you do get a web art illustration of your choice designed by me for this little experiment, Who else on the net would do THAT!
So... lets get this party STARTED!

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